Workshop Summary for the 2017 Season

A note of thanks to everyone who supported the ACBA group this season. We engaged in six field workshops (April-September) attended on average by 15- 20 beekeepers ranging from 0 to 5 plus winterings. They were led by four folks (Chas Mraz, Andrew Munkres, Scott Wilson, Fred Putnam) the latter of which is the newest Vermont Certified Beekeeper. There were also four indoor workshops or speakers. In all, there have been 10 well attended monthly events. The ACBA hosted the VBA 2017 summer meeting with great positive feedback from the attendees.

The FB page is active with many folks providing information relative to local and international beekeeper practices. Thanks to Chad for managing the email and website, and to Howard and Daphne (she also works to secure the Middlebury meeting location) for getting the ball rolling. In all, my observation is that a strong core group of quality beekeepers (hobbyist to commercial) is present and as a group will continue to promote planned, productive, and prosperous beekeeping based on a foundational concept of managing healthy bees.

Looking forward to 2018. Addison County..the epicenter of Vermont Beekeeping.

April Workshop Postponed – See New Date!

Regretfully we must postpone tomorrow’s workshop. The new date is April 29, 2017. The time will change to noon but the location remains the same.

The decision is due to the forecast of 45-47 degree temperatures,wind chill of about 4 degrees, and cloudy skies with possible rain. These conditions will cause the bees to be clustered to create heat and keep brood warm. It would not be prudent to expose them to these conditions.

However, the change in date allows for a package bee installation demonstration on that day.

We apologize for the change but do believe it is appropriate.

We hope to see you all next week.

April Spring Workshop Reminder

Just a reminder we have our first outdoor workshop this Saturday 4/22/17.   Location is: 2475 Baldwin Rd Hinesburg, VT 05461-9377
(park along the side of the driveway near the top/Follow the signs into the field)

We will be covering:

  • First Spring Inspection¬†
  • Unpacking hives
  • Feeding light colonies
  • Equalizing brood
  • Winter kill diagnosis
  • Post winter equipment review
  • Hive/Apiary Registration
  • Review of Best Practices